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    IA as a part of the SCIO Group in partnership with Schiller, provides solutions for the semiconductor and automotive industries.

Cleanroom Logistics Products

Linear Stocker

The Linear Stocker is a highly scalable and reliable decentralized storage solution for cleanroom applications. Manual I/O ports and the connection option to OHT or conveyor systems enables flexible use of the Linear Stocker in the production environment.

The cleanroom-optimized design with a passive gripper, inductive energy transfer to the x-axis, and optional
extraction of axes enables storage of products in cleanroom environments up to ISO class 4.

The true genius behind the Linear Stocker warehouse management system, is SwarePro, a proprietary intelligent and intuitive software for warehouse management. The inventory level may be recorded and documented at any time using various statistics and inventory functions. The Linear Stocker can be used for decentralized storage, as well as for sequencing or commissioning production batches.

The Linear Stocker may be flexibly arranged for transport and storage of individual, customer-specific products, e.g. product carriers, 200/300mm cassettes and much more.

Max Stocker

The Max Stocker is an innovative solution that unlocks new dimensions in particle-reduced warehouse storage inside the cleanroom. The double-sided, double depth storage of FOUP/FOSB or OC containers enables stockers featuring capacities more than 1200 storage spaces to be implemented.

Boxes are stored according to cleanroom class ISO-4. Along the X-axis of the Stocker, two
rack control devices may be operated simultaneously and accessed via displacement
movements redundantly at docking stations, rotary gates, sorters, shuttles, or
OHT connections.


■ Height/width: up to max. 6,100 mm/2,750 mm
■ Lane width: 1,028 mm
■ Lane length: Variable

Radial Stocker OC / BC

The Radial Stocker provides a storage system that is both efficient and space-saving in ISO class 3 (OC) or ISO class 4 (BC) cleanroom conditions. Manual stocking and removal by the operator, as well as automated transfer and retrieval by OHT or conveyor systems are possible with the Radial Stocker.

The footprint of only 1800 mm x 1800 mm is achieved with the compact arrangement of the robot axes for a
very high packing density. Control of the Radial Stocker takes place with a SIEMENS PLC in combination with the
SWarePro warehouse management system. A full suite of statistics and tracking functions offer insight into batch runs and a complete monitoring of inventory.

■ Easy maintenance due to extendable mounting plate and handler
■ Built-in lighting
■ Prepared for the installation of a smoke extraction system
■ Camera on gripper provides real-time images and records the last 3 days
■ Prepared for enclosure (frame connection to clean room ceiling)

Linear Hoist

The Linear Hoist System enables automated supply of production or measuring equipment between the individual bays of a factory. In combination with the Cleanroom Transport System, trays can be supplied 24/7 with the Linear Hoist Equipment without intervention of the operator.

The power and data transmission to the grabber takes place via the grab rope without drag chains. With the high repeat accuracy of the Linear Hoist, load ports on the equipment or Cinematic Coupling pins on the Cleanroom Transport System can be run reliably with absolute reproducibility.

■ Fast delivery of the containers to equipment
■ Non-rail bound like shuttle systems
■ Integration of a ceiling-mounted warehouse possible

Cleanroom Transport Sysytem

The Cleanroom Transport System offers high-availability in a high-performance solution for intralogistics in modern semiconductor factories. At the core is the Cleanroom Conveyor system, with clean-room tested components and innovative magnetic drive technology for contact-free, friction-free power transmission to the rollers.

Additional line components supplement the conveyor for the fully-integrated solution for interbay and intrabay
transport to cleanrooms up to ISO class 3. The intelligent system configuration enables quick access to all essential
conveyor elements top/bottom access) and the quick replacement of drive rollers (quick-change).


Rotary Table

Lifting Table

Floor Lift


The innovative Soover® OHT system is a powerful and elegant solution for fab overhead transport applications.
It’s flexibility also enables the retrofit and extension of existing automation systems.

The Soover ® Shuttle system features exclusively passive track elements and follows strict design principles of
particle avoidance in order to meet the challenges of state-of-the-art cleanroom manufacturing environment.

State-of-the-art technology and
competitive solutions

Up to now overhead transfer systems in Cleanroom environments have reached high standards in regard of technology and reliability. However, there is still room for improvement with regard to further minimizing particle generation and reducing weight and size. Our experts are using the Soover OHT system to develop new solutions to further automate dedicated areas in cleanrooms with space limitations and reduced ceiling heights (down to 3 m), where no such opportunity previously existed.